AGARTHA Studios has a multi-functional space in Long Beach that accommodates gallery shows, video premiers, listening parties, private events, pop-ups, and photo shoots. Vaulted ceilings, a permanent stage, and poured concrete floors make it the perfect blank canvas for any vision. We offer lighting, grip, digital and production supplies, with on-hand assistance available for acquiring any additional resources needed. We offer a world-class audio and video experience with a 4K Wolf SDC-15 projector, state of the art digital to analog audio conversion, hi-fidelity tube amplification, and paired with horn speakers provided by AGARTHA Audio Labs.

AGARTHA Studios aims to provide a versatile, affordable space for creatives, one that unites artists in a variety of different mediums. In addition to providing space for a wide range of events, we also curate visual, cultural, and music based experiences.
Studio Specs
3,000 sq. ft. 
20ft ceilings
White walls
Concrete floors
Ground level
2 private bathrooms
Natural light
Gallery lighting
200 Amps
In-House Rentals
Full photo lighting/Grip/Digital
Manfrotto studio stand
Rolling racks
Utility Cart

Studio Use
Photo Shoots
Film Shoots
Private Parties/Events
Gallery Shows
Pop Up Shops
Sample Sales
Listening Parties
Off-Site Meetings
Panel Discussions