AGARTHA Studios is very proud to partner with innovative software partners within the Shopify ecosystem. Our team is very familiar with these programs and use them every day. If you'd like help installing or utilizing one of these apps, please contact us today.

Bold Apps

Bold continues to be the leader when it comes to Shopify app development and has since grown from the four founders working part-time in their basement, to a team of more than 100 expert Support Wizards, Designers, Developers, and Project Managers who work with Fortune 500 clients around the globe, winning multiple awards along the way. If you can dream it, Bold can build it!


Sell more by using data to drive your marketing. Klaviyo makes it easy for e-commerce marketers to target, personalize, measure and optimize email and Facebook campaigns.


Power Tools unlocks the full potential of your store with tools that help your customers, help your marketing and help you!

Managing collections and products can take a lot of time and effort, as well as affect your sales and customer discovery. Power Tools can assist with basic tasks, automate processes and add new features to your store.

Out Of The Sandbox

Out of the Sandbox themes are the best reviewed and most popular Shopify themes - ever.

Out of the Sandbox has been designing revolutionary themes for Shopify, the #1 rated e-commerce platform, and setting trends in the e-commerce world since 2011.


By partnering with Shopify, we work with a world-class product that provides our customers with the customized commerce experiences they want now, and in the future.


Shogun is a drag and drop page builder and content management system for eCommerce platforms. Build beautiful custom pages for Shopify and BigCommerce without writing code.


It's time to make performance marketing easy. Refersion is designed to help you quickly create and launch your own promotion network. We handle all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on growing your business through partnerships with bloggers, influencers, ambassadors, and promoters.


Manage your Shopify store data by importing and exporting human readable Excel files.

This app is for you if you manage Shopify store data, you like precision, and you need to control the outcomes of your work. Beneficial is if you know how to use Excel (or similar spreadsheets apps), or at least are willing to learn those things.





 G Suite




Better with Basecamp






Out of the Sandbox